• 9-1-1 Emergency Service

    Beginning in 2003, all residents in the R.M. of Pense are able to dial 9-1-1 for Police, EMS and fire service from a landline or cellular phone.

  • R.C.M.P.

    Police protection service is provided to the municipality by the White Butte and Moose Jaw detachments of the R.C.M.P. The Moose Jaw R.C.M.P. (306-691-4670) looks after the west boundary of the municipality up to and including Grid 642. The White Butte R.C.M.P. (306-781-5050) looks after the east boundary of the R.M. up to Grid 642.

  • Ratepayers with Security/Fire Alarm Systems

    The Pense Volunteer Fire Department has informed us that they will be charging for all fire department responses to alarms including false alarms. Our fire fighting service is on a "fee for service" basis, so the owner/recipient of the service will be invoiced.  Note: it can cost $1000 plus for the Pense Volunteer Fire Department, to respond to a call and return to the firehall – this is without performing any service.

    If you have or plan to have an alarm system installed, it is very important that you provide the alarm monitoring company with accurate information, such as:

    • name of rural municipality (Pense No. 160);
    • name and phone number of the Fire Department that will respond Pense Volunteer Fire Department 306-525-3999 – these numbers are required as alarm companies are not allowed to use the 9-1-1 system);
    • correct legal land description;
    • emergency response number (numbered sign in your driveway).

    Please call the office for more information. Contact

  • Reporting Controlled Burns

    All controlled or planned burns must be reported to the Provinical Dispatch Services at 1-866-404-4911 in advance to avoid a false alarm. If a controlled burn has not been reported, a landowner will find him/herself facing a substantial fire bill if a well meaning passerby reports a fire.

  • Fire Fighting Service Costs

    Property owners are responsible for paying the cost of fighting fires on their property. Please review your fire insurance policy, especially your deductible, to ensure it meets your needs.

  • Pense Volunteer Fire Department

    The R.M. of Pense and the Town of Pense share the costs (50/50) of establishing, maintaining and operating the voluntary fire fighting organization. The joint firehall is attached to the R.M. office and is located at 324 Elder Street in the Village of Pense.

    Current volunteer list (includes First Responders):

    • Jason Prokopetz, Fire Chief
    • Ken Lovell, Deputy Fire Chief
    • Tyler McDonald, Deputy Fire Chief
    • Wally Andrews, Fire Fighter
    • Doug DeMars, Fire Fighter
    • Ken Foley, Fire Fighter/First Responder
    • Colin Frey, Fire Fighter/First Responder
    • Cletis Mamer, Fire Fighter
    • Kristain Peachey, Fire Fighter
    • Brian Saal, Fire Fighter
    • Shannon Schouten, Fire Fighter/First Responder
    • Howard Sharpe, Fire Fighter
    • Dave Smith, Fire Fighter
    • Conrad Stratulat, Fire Fighter
    • Dale Wood, Fire Fighter/First Responder
    • Craig Young, Fire Fighter
    • Kristina Coard, First Responder
    • Glorianne Bjerland, First Responder
    • Michael Bjerland, First Responder
    • Nicole Smith, First Responder